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Hello, anyone who wishes to blog with me may do so any time especially about rubber pants & bedwetting which I love to do

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Posted on 04:23PM on Sep 4th, 2009
I'm curious. How much liquid can your rubber pants hold before they start to leak? I don't dare wear my plastic pants without plenty of diapers. Even they are not enough, and I wake up with a big wet spot on my bottom sheet, sometimes. I keep a vinyl sheet on my bed just for this occasion.
Posted on 04:13PM on Sep 8th, 2009
Not really a whole lot,maybe about a pint or so. That's why i sleep between 2 rubber sheets, because when I drink a lot of beer I wet a lot & get everything wet.
Posted on 02:15PM on Oct 6th, 2009
I also wear rubber pants, normally over my nappy and plastic pants when iv'e drunk lots of fluids..its great in the morning when you move around, sloshing about and no leaks.
Posted on 02:10PM on Mar 2nd, 2010
I love to wet my bed in the same way, I just wear plastic pants with nothing underneath. The mattress is well protected with a rubber sheet, so just love to flood the whole bed with pee.
I know the pants don't hold much without leaking, but the amount they do retain feels so good when I wake up and move around.
Posted on 08:54PM on Mar 3rd, 2010
Beautiful, Mine leak all over the rubber sheets too since I wear nothing on underneath the rubbers. Flood city when I wake up.
Posted on 02:56AM on Mar 4th, 2010
I wondered if you sleep between 2 rubber sheets, if you don't get rather sweaty in the warm weather, or is that part of the thrill. I just love the feel and smell of rubber sheets and of course rubber pants with nothing on underneath.
Posted on 10:06AM on Mar 4th, 2010
I do get sweaty during warm weather sleeping between the rubber sheets & do sweat although it is hard to differientiate between sweat & **** once I wet myself.
Posted on 03:42PM on Mar 4th, 2010
I wear baby pants to bed too. I can see by the comments that I might be a little different than most of them. I try and usually wear diapers that won't leak out. Not that my bed doesn't ever get wet, but my choice is that I keep my wetness in the diapers. I do this because I sleep a lot better when I'm not in a wet spot. For protection on my bed I now have 2 vinyl zippered bed covers. They are the pretty cheap kind and make a lot of noise whenever I move around on them. It reminds me of when I was younger and I love it.
Posted on 04:09PM on Mar 4th, 2010
I wear my rubber pants over a cloth diaper. The trick is to tuck in the waistband and the leg openings into the diaper. Sort of fold it under to contain the wetness. After practicing this, I have never had a leak at night. Although I still use a plastic mattress protector just in case.
Posted on 08:14AM on Dec 29th, 2010
Back to the opening question, How much will they hold? Mine, about a litre or so, no nappy, no leaks. That's because they are rubber, not plastic. Molded, not sewn or glued. Fetisso "nappy pant" is the name and the best place to get them is Go smaller rather than larger and then roll the legs into cuffs and pull them up. As for sleeping, the classic issue is the holow either side of your spine. These leaks can be "plugged" with a piece of soft foam under a belt lightly snugged.
Posted on 01:30PM on Dec 30th, 2010
I have a pair & they hold the **** pretty well.
Posted on 02:04AM on Dec 10th, 2011
Just started with nappy and plastics. Few leaks
Posted on 04:29PM on Dec 10th, 2011
Yeah, that's something you have to live with if you **** a lot. I have been so drunk that my rubbers just couldn't hold all the beer **** I produced.
Posted on 10:44AM on Nov 28th, 2012
I have a cousin who is 16 and even tho she is not a bedwetter,she wears a cloth diaper and rubber pants to bed every night.her mom puts them on her at bed time and she likes wearing them to make her feel l like a baby.
Posted on 11:20AM on Nov 28th, 2012
So she doesn't wet in them then? Just wears them for fun?
Posted on 04:15PM on Mar 26th, 2013
I would **** in her pantys to get her wet.
Posted on 09:58PM on Oct 5th, 2013
i made my first holy communion at 14 and had to wear the white communion dress,veil,gloves,white tights and white shoes.All of us girls had to wear a cloth diaper and rubber pants under the tights.our diaper had to be 10 plies thick and had to be pinned on us with baby diaper pins.our rubber pants had to be white and fit loose and bunch up under our mom put the diaper and rubber pants and tights on me after my bath while i laid on me bed.all of us girls had baby powder in our diapers and we all smelled like babies that day!
Posted on 01:37PM on May 11th, 2014
I wear baby pants to bed too over my plastic diapers and i love it i'm in wet diapers and plastic-pants right now
Posted on 01:33PM on May 30th, 2014
Last year I started to wear Rubber high sided pants as opposed to pvc pants, I get my pants and pads free from the NHS continence service, they are light blue or white in colour, I get three pairs every twelve weeks with my order for Euron Form Large Extra Plus pads, I have been wearing either rubber/plastic pants and either terry nappies/nappy pads for all of my 69 years, two years ago after an accident in hospital , they damaged my bladder, so I am now incontinent 24/7, I only wee never poo myself, now that I am back wearing rubbers again, they remind me of my childhood, and when I take them out of there plastic bag, the heady aroma of fresh rubber hits me, I sometimes let my wife take me in hand, but more often I have some of me time alone on our bed, where I just lay there with my rubbers on, and dream, its wonderful,but I always wake up wet?.
Posted on 01:38PM on May 30th, 2014
That's what you wear rubbers for. To pee in them. How nice to wake up soaked every morning. I wet every single night & feel so good waking up wet.
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